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Jesus said Go

CLAIM your project TODAY!

* staffed with indigenous Bible storytellers

* multiply DISCIPLE MAKERS annually  

* in an unreached people group



We partner part time, volunteer project managers (working remotely) with indigenous Bible storytellers for exponential disciple making.  This is so everyone in an unreached people group (UPG) can have access to the gospel and Christian community. A project manager has a burden for these people and is willing to work from home 2 to 4 hours a week under the prayer covering of their church.  A UPG is about 98% non-Christian simply because they don’t have access to the gospel.  Even if they have access to a written Bible translation, 90% of them couldn't or wouldn't read it.  They are "oral learners" who process information much differently than people who read.  As disciple makers leading Bible story groups multiply, we know God will keep His Isaiah 55.11 promise.


Project Managers

Jesus Said Go selects, trains, sends, and supervises indigenous disciple makers to serve as Bible storytellers leading story groups.  We want to talk with you about managing a project targeting a specific UPG that is already multiplying disciples!  Your storytellers were born and raised in their UPG, know the culture, speak the language, and provide regular reporting.  As a project manager you help raise funds, prayer, accountability, and encouragement for your project team.  You may lead or send short-term mission teams to work with your disciple makers. We will provide you with information about available people groups and storytellers so you can select the project you want to manage.  


On a 12 day vision trip, you will:

1. Be met by national partners and escorted throughout your stay.


2. Be briefed by national partners before beginning the journey to your UPG.

3. Meet storytellers, village influencers and leaders.

4. Observe UPG story groups in action.

5. Make a needs assessment for future mercy ministry.

6. Discuss dates for hosted trips, best ministry practices, and mercy ministries.

7. Collect pictures, videos, testimonies, and assessments to report findings. 

8. Be debriefed by national partners before departing.


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