Jesus said Go

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* staffed with indigenous Bible storytellers

* multiplying DISCIPLE MAKERS annually  

* in an unreached people group



Unreached people groups are 98% non-Christian.  Even if there were a written Bible translation in their language, 90% of them couldn't or wouldn't read it. They have very limited access to the Gospel.

You can claim a project staffed with trained, trusted indigenous Bible storytellers who are multiplying disciple makers in unreached people groups. Each new disciple maker starts and leads a new disciple making Bible story group to multiply disciple makers annually. 

As disciple makers, story groups, and churches increase in every village, people get access to Christian fellowship and God's Word.  God is keeping His Isaiah 55.11 promise and fufilling His Great Commission.


We seek to accelerate disciple making to at least four generations (2 Timothy 2.2) in unreached people groups believing that disciple making can become spontaneous and stay in ‘perpetual motion’.  Jesus began His public ministry by giving His classic discipleship message, the Sermon on the Mount, to His disciples.  At the end  of His earthly ministry, Jesus gave them His Great Commission to go make disciples everywhere.  Imagine that each disciple makes just two disciples. In 34 years, that's over 8 billion disciples. The greatest concerted attack against the Body of Christ for the past 2,000 years has been against disciple making.  It's time for Christians to launch a concerted counterattack with exponential disciple making.


Indigenous Bible storytellers are already multiplying new disciples who are starting new disciple making Bible story groups in unreached people groups.  They are sending in regular reports  and they need your help.  These storytellers were born and raised in their UPG, know the culture, speak the language, and provide regular reporting.  

Unreached people groups are primarily "oral learners" that process information much differently than people who can and will read.  As the Bible stories are learned, discussed, and shared in those villages, the number of disciples and groups will spread.