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Few UPG languages have an entire written translation of the Bible. A very carefully selected set of chronological Bible stories can be orally translated from a trade language Bible into a UPG language after a very rigorous oral translation process.  The stories are learned and then naturally told by indigenous storytellers while being audio recorded. These recordings benchmark the accuracy of the stories until a written translation is completed for that UPG language.  Until then, these audio recordings can be used to train indigenous Bible storytellers. 

Our introductory story set is comprised of three parts, each containing a series of stories: 

• The Old Testament—including creation, the nature of God, His love for human beings, the need for reconciliation with God, and how He deals with His people in preparing the way for the coming Savior. 

• The Gospels—including the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and main events from His life and teachings. 

• Acts—with insights from the Epistles, including examples of people coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the growth of the church, and the promise of Christ’s return. 

Indigenous Bible storytellers are trained and supported in using these stories to start story groups and plant churches.  The stories are evangelistic and teach discipleship and leadership principles. People internalize the stories by listening to a Bible storyteller and/or the audio recordings.  They learn to lead story group discussions of the story by telling (not playing) the stories and then using questions that draw out principles of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership.

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