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how can churches partner?

Every year 4,000,000 Americans make short term mission trips and spend $45B.  But very few go to unreached people groups.  We want to awaken this sleeping giant to targeted ministry in unreached people groups.  We want to ignite a global movement of churches sending short-term mission teams to help indigenous Bible storytellers start disciple making story groups. 




Annual 2-week trips to the same place builds trust, cultural understanding, and accountability with your storytellers and the unreached people group you select.  The team will use mercy ministries to start a disciple making story groups in key villages. They will manage the strategy and the ministry can include water wells, medical, sanitation, hygiene, vocational training, agriculture, sports, micro-enterprise, written Bible translations, literacy training, Jesus Film teams and more.

This effort will be fueled by God-given imagination, creativity, love, and dependence on Him. Encouragement is provided with your prayerful presence; accountability with thoughtful questions; collaboration with patient listening; and mercy ministries with heart-felt responses to heart-felt needs. Your first trip will be to meet your storytellers and conduct a needs based assessment to know what mercy ministries will work best.    

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