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vision trip

THIS VISION TRIP is designed for teams that manage their project with the goal of multiplying disciple makers, oral Bible storying groups and churches.  The team is met in the national airport of the project country and escorted for the duration of the trip.  The team will:

  1. Meet national partners, storytellers, village influencers and leaders.

  2. Participate in story groups and observe story groups in action.

  3. Make a needs assessment for future mercy ministries.

  4. Discuss dates for trips, best ministry practices, and mercy ministries.   

  5. Collect pictures, videos, testimonies, and assessments to report findings. 


The Vision Trip leads to future mission trips.  The UPG is unreached because they have limited access to God’s Word and Christian fellowship. Few are literate or know a Christian. The solution is to give everyone access to God’s Word and Christian fellowship by multiplication of disciple makers, groups, and churches.  As that happens, God will keep His Isaiah 55:11 promise and fulfill His Great Commission. The typical unreached people group is 90% oral learners, 98% non-Christian. Even with a written Bible translation, almost no one could or would read it because they are “oral learners”.   

Future teams will control trip scheduling, mercy ministries, group size & demographics, and other details.  Teams will work with the same storytellers for "strategic continuity" to build trust, cultural understanding, and accountability.  Teams work with storytellers to start multiplication fueled by God-given imagination, creativity, love, and dependence on Him. Sometimes, encouragement is provided simply with prayerful presence; accountability with thoughtful questions; collaboration with patient listening; and mercy ministries with heart felt responses to heart felt needs. 


1. Future teams on annual mercy ministry trips working with the same storytellers and assisted by national partners as needed.

2. Funding the monthly project expenses of $500 for ongoing storyteller training, accountability, expense stipends and online reporting. Team expenses and mercy ministry expenses are not included in the basic monthly budget. Mercy ministries may include clean water, medical, sanitation, hygiene, vocational training, agriculture, sports, micro-business, written Bible translations, literacy training, Jesus Film teams, and more. Mercy ministries are not included in the monthly project expenses. LEARN MORE

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