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The birth of the next generation of disciples is a holy moment.  It's God's way of saying, "I'm not finished." We seek to accelerate disciple making to the 4th generation. (2 Timothy 2.2) After that, we believe that disciple making can become spontaneous and stay in ‘perpetual motion’.  Jesus began His public ministry by giving His classic discipleship message, the Sermon on the Mount, to His disciples.  In His Great Commission at the end of His earthly ministry three years later, Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples. 


Disciples that make disciples need a vision for planting the seeds of the next generation of disciples.  This excerpt from A Vision for Discipleship provides wonderful insight for gaining that vision:

"God chose disciple making as His ultimate means of winning the entire world, but most believers are made into disciples as a by-product of general church ministry; they have not had someone to personally invest in them. If there is a shortcut to maturity in the kingdom of God, it is when mature, godly believers purposefully impart the Word of God to teachable men and women who want to grow in the Lord. Just as Jesus had a strategy for making disciples and developing leaders, so should we. Having a vision for making disciples means understanding the Lord’s purposes in spending most of His ministry time with just twelve men. Jesus’ disciples received the full explanation of His teachings and the benefit of personal friendship with Him. Because this is still the Lord’s heart for those who believe in Him, we who are His true disciples must be willing to invest in others as Jesus did. We need to see that it is “God’s normal” for us to intentionally make disciples since Jesus modeled it, commanded it, and trained His men to do it. Strategic disciple making is still the Lord’s ordained method for building the Church and preparing ministries. The Lord wants to have an equipped army ready to reap the harvest and conserve it as He again sends REVIVAL throughout the world."

Globally, you can partner with indigenous Bible storytellers who are discipling others in unreached people groups.  Locally, you can guide a small group of likeminded people in a weekly discipleship group using a workbook based on the Sermon on the Mount.  Don't wait until you feel qualified.  Attempting only what you can do, guarantees you'll never experience what only God can do.  When you disciple, you will grow spiritually as much (or more!) than those you disciple. 


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