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the local 

Local churches have primacy in fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to provide them with discipleship projects that gives unreached people groups access to God’s Word and Christian fellowship.


Imagine just 1 disciple made 2 disciples in year 1 and every disciple thereafter did the same thing every year. After 34 years, the entire world would be discipled. 

life on life

The method of ministry that Jesus used cannot be improved. Building life-on-life, he never taught without stories (Mk 4.34).  Story groups are intensely relational and provide those relationships for Holy Spirit, inspired learning in the cultural context of oral learners.  We want to make disciples who make disciples.

bible storytelling

In 2 to 3 minutes, a storyteller accurately and naturally tells one of the 42 stories in a chronological story set from Creation to the Return of Christ. Each story links to the next with a redemptive theme. Participants learn, retell, and discuss the story under the leadership of the storyteller.

unreached people groups

Areas with limited access to the gospel are 98% non-Christian who are 90% oral learners. Their best opportunity to hear and understand the gospel is with indigenously led, disciple making Bible story groups in every village.

Biblical unity

Jesus Said Go projects require a diverse community of believers unified for the common purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

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