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diSciple making in
unreached people groups

We partner donors, churches, and short-term mission teams with trained indigenous Bible storytellers to start disciple making Bible story groups in unreached people groups.  These storytellers were born and raised in their unreached people group, know the culture, speak the language, and provide regular reporting.  Unreached people groups are 98% non-Christian and without access to God's Word or Christian fellowship.  Even if their language has a written Bible translation, 90% of them couldn't or wouldn't read it. They are "oral learners" who process information much differently than people who read.  We aim to give unreached people groups access to God’s Word through Bible storytelling and Christian fellowship with groups in every village.  As the number of disciples and groups increase, God will keep His Isaiah 55.11 promise.    



At the beginning of each generation, a disciple begins by telling Bible stories to 10 people a day (CONTACTS) while asking God to reveal people of peace.  These are people that like the stories enough to invite and host family and friends in a story group

(APPOINTMENTS) led by the disciple serving as the storyteller and group leader. Every group should have 6 to 12 adult participants or merge with another story group to achieve that number. 














Formal story groups begin meeting weekly.  Everyone hears, learns, and discusses the weekly story in a chronological set of 42 Bible stories from Creation to the Return of Christ. Participants tell the stories to others and invites them to attend the weekly group. Each group leader begins identifying 3 participants as new disciples based on Attendance, Participation, Teachability, & Life Change.  


At the end of Stage 2, the new disciples begin the Stage 1 process again to birth the next generation of disciples.  Each generation of new disciples are coached to follow the process.  Disciples text Coaches daily reports for 90 days and then weekly reports thereafter.  Coaching is based on reporting, observation, and group visits.  Each disciple continues participating in their original group until the story set is completed to reinforce story learning group leadership skills.  They also receive a cell phone memory card with audio recordings of all 42 stories that acts as a 'gold standard' for story accuracy.  

stage 2 (formal story groups-next 90 days)
stage 1 (contacts and appointments-90 days)
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