JESUS SAID GO partners with the National Christian Foundation (NCF) to offer donors expertise in gift planning and to meet all federal and state guidelines for non-profit foundations.  NCF is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, the largest Christian Community Foundation in the United States. NCF is ranked as the 8th largest non-profit in the USA.

ways you can donate

century club

One hundred Century Club members each giving $25 per month guarantees the launch of a project every year in at least one new country.  Each project selects, trains, sends and supports 10 new storytellers in starting story groups in 4 UPG languages and the national language of the new host country. 

access teams

Churches send and fund their own short term mission teams to provide long term management of their projects.  These teams provide encouragement, accountability, and mercy ministries to help storytellers start story groups in every village. 

best gift

Some can abundantly bless with larger one-time gifts for the greatest needs or designated purposes.  Prayerfully consider the amount of your and gift and follow the Lord’s leading. 

thank you!

by paper check

By check payable to NATIONAL CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION and writing “JESUS SAID GO” in the memo section and write in which fund is to receive your gift: Century Club, Access Teams OR Your Best Gift.

Mail your check to:




thank you!

Thank you for supporting the ministry and helping to equip bible storytellers with the resources they need! Your generosity fuels our ministry. We are so grateful for your gift today!